What Is MAPP?

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MAPP (Meadowmont Aging in Place Program) is a volunteer supported membership association that serves Meadowmont area residents 55 and older, who wish to age healthfully and safely in their homes. MAPP is committed to helping its members maintain intellectual, physical and emotional vitality as they age.

Through a variety of member initiated and member coordinated activities, MAPP:

  • Helps members maintain and expand social ties through active participation in various social and community activities
  • Encourages members to provide neighborly support to other members in need
  • Fosters the creation of member-supported interest groups and clubs
  • Provides a website, newsletter and other information links of interest to its members
  • Encourages its members to be physically active through participation in biking, hiking and other exercise groups
  • Provides, in conjunction with the UNC Wellness Center or other organizations, regularly scheduled lectures through its Speaker Series

A guiding tenet of the MAPP approach is that active participation and engagement in our community helps to keep us healthy and vibrant.


MAPP began in 2010. Two neighbors discussed their concerns about the aging process, regarding how to live vital and healthy lives as one ages, and how best to cope with inevitable changes that make daily life more difficult. They wished to understand the choices available to enhance life and to permit a longer time living at home. They observed that people who lived in close knit communities that participated in social activities seemed to have easier and more natural connections with others. These connections also provided the basis for people to help people when difficult times arose. The neighbors began to look for other like-minded people who would help them build a neighborhood organization within their immediate residential community, and MAPP began. Its first organizational meeting was held in October of 2010.

Want To Learn More About MAPP?

More information about MAPP is available on this website or contact MAPP here. An application form is available on this website or may be sent to you as an email attachment.

Membership Dues

MAPP annual dues vary from year-to-year and are currently $20 per member. They are set annually by the MAPP Board of Directors and cover the cost of meeting space and supplies, special social gatherings, liability insurance, website maintenance, and other miscellaneous expenses. MAPP does not own property; it has no paid staff; and it has no debts.