MAPP Speaker Series Events

The Speaker Series are talks on aging issues and other topics which are of general interest to seniors. They are almost always at 4:00PM on the third Thursday of the month at the UNC Wellness Center in Meadowmont. These talks are free and open to the general public. Everyone, whether a MAPP member or not, is welcome. The Speaker Series is co-sponsored by the UNC Wellness Center and is subject to change.

Upcoming Speakers:

March 19, 2020 TO BE RE-SCHEDULED Speaker: Tom Spector, Ph.D, Meditation and Pain Relief Tom-9.16hi.res_-200x200
Tom is internationally regarded as a refreshingly effective meditation and healing teacher. With over 40 years experience, Tom’s teachings are clear and easy to follow. They combine profound meaning with light humor. He has a special gift for helping people discover the root of their suffering and their path to healing, self-love and inner peace.

Tom began meditating in 1968 while enrolled in an intense graduate program at Yale University. He was struggling not only with the curriculum, but also with anger and a battered down self- esteem. Meditation clarified issues and elucidated the paths forward. Tom then completed the full PhD Program in record time. He began teaching meditation and healing in 1976, after a magical meeting with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross at a Ram Dass retreat. Tom teaches at many different venues, including yoga retreats, universities, hospitals and corporate firms. He also sees individual clients. Tom’s book, Our Two Gardens: How to Cultivate Healing and CD, Meditation and Healing, are available on his website


April 16, 2020 TO BE RE-SCHEDULED  Speaker: Caitlin Schmitt PT, DPT, LMBT, Integrative Physical Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Pain.
Caitlin is a PT at The Wellness Station in Durham, NC. She earned her Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University. She has been a massage therapist and Craniosacral Therapy practitioner for over a decade and she integrates these skills into her physical therapy practice.

Her approach is mindful, attentive, and holistic. She integrates The Feldenkrais Method, mindfulness strategies, somatic experiencing, and healing touch with evidence based traditional physical therapy and pain science education. This approach addresses the underlying nervous system dysregulation and patterns in your brain that may be reinforcing pain or functional limitation. She is very passionate about the use of this approach for nervous system regulation, recovery from auto-immune related symptoms, healing from trauma, and returning your body to its natural state of wholeness and joy.

Explanation of the talk:
Caitlin will be speaking about alternatives to traditional physical therapy treatment that may be more beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain. She will discuss movement-based and hands-on treatment options that can be very supportive and profoundly transformative for those who have “tried everything“ or had traditional PT “fail them“.
Learn how the current neuroscience and evidence supports a far more gentle, creative, and holistic approach to the treatment of chronic pain. Learn how physical therapists can play a vital role in helping you learn to move more easily, trust your body, and reduce your pain.