MAPP History

The beginnings of MAPP go back several years to conversations between two neighbors concerning the aging process, how to live vital and healthy lives as one ages, and how best to cope with inevitable changes that make daily life more difficult. They saw a variety of patterns and choices made by relatives and friends, some of which seemed good and some not. A main concern for them was to understand what choices might be made that would enhance one’s life and permit one to continue living at home. They could see that people living in close knit communities have easier and more natural connections with others who engage with them in social activities and who could help through difficult times.

They drew their husbands into their discussions and came to the conclusion that they should involve a few additional like-minded people and try to build a neighborhood organization within their immediate residential community. Thus, MAPP had a steering committee consisting of a group of neighbors with a common vision.  The first step in developing social cohesion through a sense of community was the launch of the Port-a-Pub which is a monthly informal cocktail party.  After that the membership grew and a large and varied list of activities, physical and otherwise, were organized by members.  These include hiking, biking, walking, mah jongg, lunch groups, and going to new movies.  An educational program, was also created for both members and the public to inform us of the evolving opportunities and resources for aging in place.