Stay Active and Healthy, and be Involved

MAPP repeating activities are listed below.  All activities are open to MAPP Members, some are open to the general public.  MAPP offers a variety of activities so there is something for everyone. Participation is optional but participation is how we build our support for lifelong caring and sharing.  The activities marked “*” are open to all Meadowmont seniors.  Most activities are listed below. They are weekly, except when noted otherwise.  For more information contact us.


Walking and hiking are integral parts of any exercise plan for seniors and affords participants a wonderful opportunity to socialize and have fun together. MAPP offers two regular opportunities for members to walk together: a Wednesday morning hike of 3-5 miles on nearby trails and neighborhood streets is the more demanding walk; and a Saturday morning “stroll” of 2-3 miles is intended to help members improve their capacity for walking that may have been limited by problems related to health. Some Wednesday hikes involve driving to nearby trailheads. In addition, MAPP members who are regular walkers can meet informally at 9 AM at the Greenway crossing on Barbee Chapel Road to share a walk or a portion of a walk together. The combination of walking/hiking opportunities is designed to help members keep fit–both physically and emotionally–as they age.


A similar opportunity to socialize and maintain physical fitness is offered by the Monday morning biking group. The group typically rides on the American Tobacco Trail (ATT), an off-road “Rails-to-Trails” biking/hiking trail that begins in downtown Durham and ends approximately 24 miles further south. The ATT is level, paved, or hard pack throughout and is easy riding. On days when the weather is threatening or time is short, the group rides locally in Chapel Hill, frequently stopping at the Root Cellar for midway refreshments and conversation. The group schedules other rides on the Neuse River Trail in Raleigh and, once a year, an out-of-state trail.

*Maj Jong

An ancient Chinese puzzle game played with tiles is offered on Monday during the day and Tuesday night for people interested in playing and socializing.  The meetings rotate among members.

Investment Group

For many retirees, the challenges of managing an asset portfolio are lessened by the opportunity to discuss various investing topics such as the best way to tap assets during retirement, the best ways to protect against inflation (or deflation), the proper balance between stocks, fixed income instruments, real estate etc., the best way to own equities etc. The group meets every two to three months. A topic for discussion at each meeting is selected by the host. Outside speakers are sometimes invited to lead the discussion. No financial experience is necessary.

*Luncheon Groups

A women’s “Luncheonettes” group and a men’s Luncheon group meet monthly at local restaurants for rich conversation and casual dining. With input from members, the group coordinator chooses the restaurant and facilitates carpooling. Participant counts range from 7 to 15 depending on time of year and popularity of the menu.

The weekly/monthly schedule of activities is provided below.

MAPP Activities


Afternoon at the Movies – meets about once a month for a movie and dinner


*MAPP Biking Group about 9:00 AM
* Men’s Lunch Group 11:30 AM 1st Monday each month
*Mah Jongg Evening Group 7:00 PM


MAPP  Hiking Group – from the crosswalk 8:00 or 9:00 AM
*Mah Jongg Afternoon Group 1:30 PM


*Wednesday Wineaux – drop-in at the Chapel Hill Marriott Lounge – 4th Wednesday at 5:30 PM


Luncheonettes 12 noon
Investment Group 7 PM
MAPP Board Meeting – As Announced


*Port-A-Pub – social networking 5:30 PM – 2nd Friday
*Speakers Series – 3 PM UNC Wellness Center – 3rd Friday


*MAPP Strollers 9 AM